Whether it’s a natural disaster or a burst pipe, water damage can hit your home and it can hit hard. There are many effects of water damage to be aware of for the health and safety of your family and home. We’re going to take a look at some causes of water damage, how water damage is categorized, how it is dealt with, and possible health hazards that can arise due to water damage in your home. If you are dealing with water damage, please call Dynamic Team today to begin the process of getting your home back to 100 percent.

Causes of Water Damage

There are many possible reasons that you might encounter water damage in your home. Leaky dishwashers with broken hoses, backed up toilets, broken pipes, overflowing washers, leaky roofs, and cracks in your home’s foundation can all lead to water damage, be it in your home or business. Harsh weather conditions like floods, heavy snow, and heavy rain can also cause this damage, usually leading to water accumulating in the basement.

These issues can either be minor and easily fixed, or they can be so intense it leads to the destruction of a home or business. It’s imperative to start the cleanup process as soon as possible to reduce the amount of water damage that can take hold. This makes it more likely you’ll be able to save water-logged furniture, clothes, carpets, and other items in the home.

Categories of Water Damage

There are several categories available to determine the severity of water damage. Category one is what refers to clean water, or water that is not contaminated and is safe for humans. Category one is typically caused by a broken appliance or an overflowing sink. Category two is what is called “gray water”, which means the water is contaminated and may cause illness if it is ingested, as it contains harmful microorganisms. Category two can be caused by broken toilets or sump pumps, or other forms of seepage. Category three is called “black water”, and is considered unsanitary thanks to the bacteria and other illness-causing organisms swimming around in it. This is brought on by sewage problems and standing water that has been contaminated.

Additionally, there are classes determining the severity of water damage and what options are available to repair the damage. Class one is the least harmful damage, and therefore the easiest to repair. Water doesn’t get absorbed very much by any material at class one. Class two is where it starts to get a little more difficult due to the faster rate of evaporation, leading to damage to items like carpets and cushions. Class three has the fastest rate of evaporation, with damage stemming from things like broken fire sprinklers or other sources of water from above the area. The bulk of the damage from class three is in the walls and furniture. Class four is the point where special water removal and restoration is needed, with the damage occurring in hardwood floors, plaster, and even concrete.


The most important step in dealing with water damage is the restoration process. If the correct procedures are employed, family heirlooms can be saved and homes can avoid condemnation. A water restoration company specializes in reducing the damaging effects that water can have on a home, but their success is dependant on how severe the damage is and how much water was involved in the damage. They will typically employ the use of high-tech devices and tried and true methods in order to mitigate and manage the water damage. High powered vacuums and industrial strength fans can all be used in this process, but it will all depend on the situation.

Dangers to Health

Aside from rescuing precious valuables and property, the far more important reason you need to contact a water restoration company as soon as possible after water damage has occurred is your family’s health. Things can be replaced, but damage to your health can be something you have to work on for the rest of your life. Water damage can cause harmful mold and other organisms to gain a foothold in your home. Exposure to mold, especially black mold, can exacerbate allergies and asthma symptoms, especially in people with weaker immune systems like children or the elderly. Long-term exposure to mold can lead to more serious respiratory issues like emphysema and lung cancer. Handling the water damage quickly helps ensure the safety of everyone in the home or business.

Water damage can happen at any time, so it’s incredibly important you understand the causes, the severity, and how it can affect your health. If you are looking for a water restoration company in the Baton Rouge area, please call Dynamic Team today. We have years of experience and want to help you get back on your feet, no matter if it’s a broken dishwasher or flooding from heavy rains. We’re here for you.